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Mar. 8th, 2010

Just wanted everyone to know what a great time my sisters and I are having, and to complement everyone on what's been happening. Lots of creativity, lots of fun and talented writing. :)

Another Introduction

Penta again, adding a second character to the wings. To balance out the rather evil serial killer, I've got an all-American teen adventurer straight out of the Adventure Series by Willard Price called Hal Hunt. First published in the 50s, so you know it's white-bread. He wouldn't hurt a fly. Maybe an endangered elephant, or a giant anteater, but not a fly.

I'm almost certainly going to post in the wrong account at some point- I'm as absent-minded as all hell and I have LJLogin. So I apologise in advance, and I'm fully prepared for the embarrassment.

Hiya :)

Hi, I'm Penta and this is my first time using LJ to rp (so I'm sorry if I break the whole website or something). I come bringing Andrew Compton, the gay serial killer from Exquisite Corpse by Poppy Z Brite. He's actually quite nice; he just has difficulty expanding his interests.

Reading through what's been going on so far there are some amazing writers, so I'm really looking forward to being involved!


got a question...

Hey, we were just wondering what the PubParadiso is supposed to be for? Might be a stupid question, but we couldn't figure it out and nobody's been there, so...

Hello hello!

My name's Lily, and I bring you Crowley, from the novel Good Omens.  He's a demon, technically, but thanks to an Arrangement with a certain angel and a spot of good deep down he likes to pretend doesn't exist, he's more likely to cause annoyances than outright torture.  He might even help you out, subtly, if he's in a good mood.

I'm looking forward to RPing with all of you, and I'm sure it'll be brilliant.


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